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The CD "Right to the Top", released since 10.03.2017, is successful and has great reviews in the international press and online magazines. We are looking forward to many cool gigs with you. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners Cargo Records Germany and England, MusicBuyMail, Frentle to Frentle, ce-promotion, connecting music, Rockafella Publishing, Mute Music Publishing, Saturn Germany, Swiss and Austria for your support, all our radio editors and new friends for the Plays and Playlists, Welt der Wunder TV (SAT1), all the journalists for the incredible and eccentric reviews, our Danish fans for our Chart Entry # 118, our German fans and Radio VHR for # 2 of the international charts and all those who have ate. Thanks for the great support and the trust in the band. You are the show. For more details go to: www.endfield.de