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Puma history
24 years after their founding, the Dassler brothers separated over an argument.
Rudolf Dassler goes on, founding PUMA Schuhfabrik Rudolf Dassler and with the PUMA ATOM, kicks off a long line of success. Despite having to start anew, PUMA’s success is undaunted. Our first football boot, the “ATOM”, is launched successfully and several athletes are convinced by its performance. Several members of the West Germany national team wear them in the first post-war football match against Switzerland in 1950. Among the players: Herbert Burdenski, the man who scored the first post-war goal that won the match. For PUMA, this is just the first in a long row of successes. MR. PUMA HELMUT FISCHER PLAY Rudolf Dassler moved into another building belonging to the family with 13 of his employees, transforming the storage facility into a factory. This is where PUMA has its headquarters till this day since its official registration date on October 1, 1948 as PUMA Schuhfabrik Rudolf Dassler.
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Intersport - Sport to the people / intersport1_en 1
Official Sports Shop of Licensed Products for the UEFA EURO 2016™ INTERSPORT, the world’s biggest football retailer, is proud to be the Official Sports Shop of Licensed Products for the UEFA EURO 2016™.