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Endless Aisle - The perfect digital shelf extension for your POS
The solution enables stationary retailers to “digitally extend their shelves”. It offers an intelligent middleware to network different systems, no matter if merchandise management, online shop, ERP-, POS- or CRM-system – and serves as a central point for the digitalization in retail.
If a certain article is currently not available, customers often migrate to online shops. Also long checkout lines demonstrably increase the rate at which purchases are cancelled. The solution: the Unified Commerce Platform’s native product catalog makes it possible to obtain product data and inventory from a wide variety of sources and link them with each other so that sellers always have access to the entire assortment and can quickly find adequate solutions even in out-of-stock situations. In particular, goods that are not available on site can be reordered to the store or delivered directly to the customer’s home. In addition, Click&Collect and Reserve&Collect processes from the online shop can be consistently completed in the store.
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